Acrylic/Gel Hybrid (Artistic Putty)


Introducing Artistic Putty

Shape ∙ Mold ∙ Mend ∙ Morph ∙ Build ∙ Lengthen ∙ Create

Introducing Artistic Putty™ PolyGel™ Nail Enhancement, a revolutionary product everyone will be eager to get their nails on.

Putty’s rule-breaking, monomer-free formula is simply revolutionary. Nobody owns application like Putty’s zero-chase formula. Shape, extend, play as long as you want, then LED cure for a fast finish. Putty is 23% lighter than acrylics and 16% lighter than traditional hard gels with no sacrifice to durability. The formula provides supreme adhesion with no lifting or separation during wear. Works perfectly as either to sculpt or use as a tip and overlay application.

Putty’s pre-mixed Triple Threat Polymer Fusion (Oligomers from Gels; Polymers from Acrylics; Polymers from Lacquer) is revolutionary in application, changing the experience for both the nail technician and the client.

  • Unleash Your Creativity: Overlay, extend, shape and mend: Play as long as you want with chase-free applications!
  • Go Weightless: For natural looking and feeling nails that really convince, Putty is significantly lighter than acrylics and hard gels!
  • Deliver Invincibility: More strength than hard gels and more rule-bending flexibility than acrylics!
  • Beat The Heat: Putty’s PolyGel technology ditches the heat spikes.
  • Ditch The Dust: Putty files fast and its filings are 30% heavier than acrylic and hard gel for less airborne dust and a cleaner salon environment.
  • No Monomer Odor: Creates a salon experience suitable for even the most selective spas.



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