Over the years Facials have been seen as a luxury, an indulgence perhaps. Don’t think that way, its not just time out for yourself, but an experience of a 45min massage of your skin, a way of instantly feeling younger, relaxed and if you want advise or help on your skin, I can help there too. Facial Therapy for your skin with DermaQuest™ products can aid your skin towards a visible change. The products are formulated using the highest quality ingredients and most advanced technologies, enabling you to achieve superior results and for the long term if you are willing to invest your time on yourself.

At Jay Gees Beauty I understand the importance of healthy skin. Let me help you reveal your skin that is happier, healthier and glowing from within!

Ok so everyone asks me what facial will suit them......my response.... all of them. Your skin changes day by, holidays, time of the month, even time of year. I will change what I am doing to suit your skin at that time!
Dermaquest products are developed to work under your skin, to fight damage from the sun, copy what happens in our skin, deeply exfoliate and nourish your skin. The rest I can tell you if you would like to know more!
Taking the above facial into consideration, this treatment will assist in clearing and eliminating congestion and bacteria with a blend of Vitamin A and mild acids to reduce and clear blemishes.
This is quite a strong exfoliating facial, your skin will look and feel alive, be hydrated and have improved moisture content. You don't necessarily need to have break outs, we all have pores that could do with some extra clearing out.
The diverse capabilities of peptides make this punchy Resurfacing Facial a miracle for skin (using more subtle resurfacing products so no pre-home maintenance required). Stem Cells are the very much talked about skin must! As we get older, our own stem cell production deteriorates and time starts to leave its mark in the form of fine lines and wrinkles. This is filled with Proteins, Vitamin A, Stem Cells and so much more.
RESURFACER (Single) - Without KIt/With Kit
Before receiving this treatment you must be prepping your skin with a Dermaquest serum as a minimum and be well into a daily routine. Your skin has to be in a healthy condition before I can start changing your old skin for a new one!
Yes there is downtime, is it manageable, yes. Dermaquest uses Glycolic, Salicylic, Latic Acids, Peptides which are proteins for your skin and a huge variety of plant and fruit Stem Cells to enhance every layer of your skin.
Its an investment in your skin, but a worthy and result driven experience.

***Check out the Skin Resurfacers tab for discount on a course **** .
Any pain whilst flying, perhaps an irritating noise in your ear, if you have been suffering headaches, then this is for you!!
I start by cleaning your skin with Dermaquest products, then move onto a pressure point massage, followed by ear candling which all you feel is warmth and a crackle like an open fire, this helps drain your ear coupled with an ear massage, further pressure point massage and drainage movements on your skin and neck.

Hopi Ear Candles are hollow tubes made of cotton, soaked in beeswax and honey. When lit, the candle acts like a chimney, causing the warm air inside it to rise and creating a vacuum at the bottom. This vacuum gently stimulates the ear, facilitating removal of excess wax and impurities.

This is such a understated treatment and gain help a variety or ear concerns and balance the fluid on the ear.
If you fancy a Facial with the added benefit of Hopi Candles, why not enjoy them both....in one treatment.
This super exfoliation treatment uses a Diamond tipped tool/machine to polish your skin, removing dead cells, helping to renew, hydrate and bring life back to your face. There is a strong suction part to this treatment, effectively pulling out depressions in your skin and helping to remove oil and debris from your skin/follicles. Take advantage of the courses offer to increase your results https://jaygeesbeauty.co.uk/beauty/skincare/microdermabrasion/.
This is a treat. This super facial can tackle double trouble skin. Combining the traditional method of Microderm with gentle resurfacing products of Lactic Acid (derived from cows milk). Firming Enzyme Mask that has a diverse and potent collection of peptides to provide skin with a visible lift and improve the appearance of fine lines. Safe for sensitive skin. Before applying a flurry of repairing and hydrating serums, you will experience a relaxing massage to your neck and shoulders, what an experience. small>
If you don't have the time or money, an Express Facial can target a specific concern and still be beneficial to you, also a great way of topping up in between a full facial.
I still use powerful products that contain strong exfoliation ingredients, so do not think you will not benefit from experiencing an Express treat.
I have been asked many times of the years I have spent in this industry......can I help with teenager skin....answer.......absolutely. Sometimes it takes someone else to talk to your son or daughter and give advice and help with their routine. Teenagers have a lot of hormones at the stage in their lives and I can help to calm and hopefully help towards the aftermath or their skin (mainly scarring). This facial by Demalogica’s Clear Start range and there are very reasonable priced products to help them on their journey.




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